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About AVRA

AVRA is founded by Julie and Sisse, two sisters from the Northern part of Denmark. We both possesses a creative urge and mindset where aesthetics and quality are always given priority. 

We want to create a lifestyle that is not characterised by fast fashion, current trends and seasons. We have always preferred unique, different and simple products and we love good quality and a simple design.

In lack of a platform like this, where we can be inspired and explore new, unique products, we decided to create our own. For many years, we have had a desire to be self-employed and create our own business based on the concept slow living lifestyle. 

In the past, we have often been prone to chase the latest trend, but we always returned to the simpler design of good quality. We want to break away from the consumer culture and rather preference buy quality over quantity.

That is why we have created AVRA.

AVRA is a Danish interjection, but it is also a way of
paraphrasing the word “aura”.

Aura is energy.